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From the criminalization of children, to inhumane conditions in prisons; from cruel extended sentences, to the corruption of private prison companies; from the double standard of punishment between wealthy and poor people, to corrosive, dehumanizing police officers and prison guards… all of this amounts to a small fraction of the staggering brutality of the American criminal justice system. 


Incarcerated Mind is dedicated to shining a constant, fearless light on these evils, on what passes for justice. We will draw the broadest possible attention to this through public events such as concerts, film screenings, symposia, art exhibits, and poetry readings. 


As much as people of good will are, in a general way, aware of these unacceptable conditions, the depth of the problem remains almost unfathomable. Our goal is to encourage activism, support kindred organizations, and raise public awareness to a fever pitch to spark real change—first in New York, and later with subsequent events planned in major U.S. cities and relevant international locations.

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