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Incarcerated Mind’s flagship initiative, Days For Justice, seeks to raise awareness of the evils of the American criminal justice system. In programming intense and engaging activities in New York City, we aim to bring these crucial issues to the forefront of people’s minds, and generate an undeniable voice for the cause of justice.

In telling the story of criminal injustice in the United States, it is essential that personal, human accounts of suffering come to the fore. We want to make these horrors real, tangible, and accessible. Art reaches out and touches the heart: we will share real stories of oppression on film, present ex-prisoners’ artwork in gallery settings, invoke the words of poets old and new, and use the power of music to animate the human spirit. We will present panel discussions with leaders in the field of justice reform, offering larger perspectives and practical solutions. Ex-prisoners will recount struggles they have faced within prison and upon re-entering society, and activists at the forefront of advocacy efforts in New York City will motivate members of the public to demand reform. We will frame these issues in a human light that radiates emotionally.

With Days For Justice, Incarcerated Mind will paint a picture of the unimaginable suffering inflicted by the American criminal justice system. We will empower the people of New York and beyond to heal those affected by these injustices, and to fix this broken system.

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